What Size Rug to Put Under a King Bed and Why?

Natural Area Rugs Blog Staff

Natural Area Rugs Blog Staff

What size rug for king bed? This is a question you've seen asked many times, and the answer is not always simple. Rugs should be proportionate to the room and also be large enough to cover the width of the bed.

rug under king size bed

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9'x12' Rug

An ideal area rug size for a king bed is the 9’x12′ rug. This size rug will cover the floor on all sides of the bed, and allow for a bench at the foot of the bed if you choose! This rug size also works well if you have wider nightstands that you want to fit within the rug’s borders.

Will a 9'x12' rug fit under a king bed?

Yes, a 9’x12′ rug will fit under a king bed. A 9’x12′ rug measures 90×120 inches. A king bed measures 78×80 inches.

How do you place a 9'x12' rug under a king size bed?

Rug placement is one of the most important aspects of home decorating. You can’t just throw a rug down and expect it to look good. You need to make sure it is centered, evenly spaced, and proportional to the rest of the room. To make sure your rug is centered, lay a tape measure on the floor and make sure it is in the center of the room. Then, place the rug under the King size bed with approximately 10″ on either side of the center of the bed, where the feet would be. This will make sure the rug is centered.

How big should a room be for a 9'x12' rug?

For a 9’x12′ rug, a room should be no smaller than 10’x14′ but not much larger than 11’x15′. (A rug this size will take up about half of a 15’x15′ room.) Any room that’s much bigger than this will probably look better with a larger rug. (A rug that’s larger than 9’x12′ will probably look best in a room that’s 10’x14′ or larger.)

Is a 9'x12' rug too big?

It depends on the rug. Short rugs are generally easier to move than long rugs. An area rug that is nine feet by twelve feet has 4,032 square inches of surface area. That is a lot of surface area.

A 9’x12′ rug is a great area rug size for a variety of rooms, including small bedrooms, walk-in closets and even dining rooms. If you have a larger space in mind, then you should probably go with the 10’x13′. While rugs in this size are generally used in larger rooms, they can also be used in foyers or entryways.

8'x10' Rug

A king size bed will need at least an 8ft x 10ft rug placed underneath it. This is especially important if you have a smaller bedroom, as it will provide coverage on all sides of the bed, including the nightstands.

Is an 8'x10' rug big enough for a king bed?

It depends on the size of the king bed. The most common king bed size is 76″ in width and 80″ in length (8’x10′, if you will). A rug that size will give you a little over 6′ of clearance on each side. If your king bed is smaller than 76″ wide and 80″ long, the rug in question would be too small.

On the other hand, if your king bed is wider than 80″ or longer than 80″, the rug would be “too big” and take up most of the available space in your room.

How big should a room be for an 8'x10' rug?

For an 8’x10’ rug, the room should be at least 11’x13’. This is based on the fact that most decorators say the rug needs to be 2’ from the wall on all sides. So, ideally, an 8’x10’ rug needs to be in a room that’s 13’x15’.

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What if I have nightstands?

With an 8’x10′ or 9’x12′ rug, you should be able to get nightstands to fit on the rug under king size bed.

However, it may depend on the size of the nightstands. Make sure to measure the dimensions of the nightstands when placing a 8’x10′ rug under a king size bed. 

Do round rugs work under king sized bed?

The round rug for king size bed is a new concept that is slowly becoming popular. The unusual design has gained an immense amount of popularity with the younger generation because it blends in with the look of most bedrooms in a way that other rugs cannot.

What about smaller rugs?

5'x8' Rug

A 5×8 size rug would be a bit of a tight fit under a king size bed. The king size bed is 6′ wide and 76″ long. It is also important to ensure that you purchase a rug that is long enough to extend at least two feet beyond the foot of the bed so that you don’t trip over the edge of the rug when you get out of bed.

6'x9' Rug

This rug can be placed in many different ways. It can be placed under your bed, it can be slanted and placed under one corner of your bed, or it can be slanted and placed underneath your bed.

If your bed is in the middle of the room, then you should have it centered on the floor by placing the rug below it and then leave some distance along the floor for a great effect.

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