What is a Flat Weave Rug, And Why Are They So Popular?

Natural Area Rugs Blog Staff

Natural Area Rugs Blog Staff

Flat weave rugs are made using a special weaving process to create a flat surface. The result is beautiful and durable, with a modern, clean look. Learn everything you wanted to know about flat weave rugs from this post!

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Flat Weave Rugs - Some Basic Knowledge

When most people think of an area rug, they envision thick, hand-woven ones made from wool. But rugs can take on many forms, and there is a wide range of materials available to make them, including plastic, cotton, and synthetic fibers.

Perhaps the most interesting class of rugs are flat weaves. These rugs, also known as kilim rugs or flat rug, are made by knotting pieces of yarn (the warp) over a series of wefts (the wefts are the horizontal threads). The weaving process produces long strips, which are then woven together. The result is a flat, durable surface that can be used to create beautiful designs.

Weavers use a flat-woven technique to create works of art. The art of flat weaving dates back to ancient times, and Egyptians used the technique to make rugs that covered their floors. The ancient North Africans also used kilim rugs for floor coverings.

Flat weave rugs are handwoven by rug makers in Middle Eastern countries like Pakistan and India, as well as in parts of Africa. Flat weave rugs are also called kilim rugs, Persian rugs, and Oriental rugs. Afghanistan is renowned for producing fine flatweave rugs.

Flat weave rugs are popular in today’s home decor because they allow homeowners to express their own artistic vision through patterns and colors. 

How are Flat Weave Rugs Made?

making of flat weave rug

Flat weave rugs are woven on a loom that is not round, but oblong, and the weft threads pass over and under the warp threads. Each warp thread is stretched along the loom to pull it tight. The process of weaving flat weave rugs is essentially the same as that of making a circular rug; however, the loom allows for more depth to the pile, which is what gives flat weave rugs their unique style.

Where are Flat Weave Rugs Used?

Flat weave rugs are versatile and can be used in many places including: dining rooms, hallways, entry ways, offices, the living room, and kitchens. Flat weave rugs are easy to clean and maintain making them a great choice for just about anywhere (except outside of course). 

Most commonly, Flat weave rugs are used in high-traffic areas of the home like the kitchen, entryways, and hallways. Flatweave rugs are perfect in these areas because they are durable, scratch-resistant, easy to clean, stain-resistant, and they dont shed.

Types of Flat Weave Rugs

The term “flat weave” is used to describe the same type of rug, a flat woven rug. It just depends on where the rug originated that gives it its name type such as Kilim, Dhurrie, or Navajo rugs.

Older types of flat weave rugs include Chainstich, Needlepoint, Aubusson Weaves, and Hooked Rugs.

For example, Native American culture has adopted the phrase “Navaho rugs”. India and Pakistan are home to durries, or they can originate from Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, and from some former Soviet Republics. Gilims and kilims are also popular in these regions.

navaho rug
Navaho Rug
Dhurrie Rug
Kilim Rug

Benefits of Flat Weave Rugs

Flat weave rugs are a popular choice in contemporary and modern homes. The design is easy to maintain and the natural look provides a soft, warm feel to your home. More benefits include: 

  • Easy to Maintain. Flat weave rugs are fairly easy to clean. You can use a damp rag to remove stains from them.


  • Vibrant Colors. Flat weave rugs are available in a variety of colors.


  • Easy to Store. Flat weave rugs are easier to store than other rug types because of their low-profile pile. They can easily be rolled up and stored.


  • Easy to Transport. For the same reason they are easy to store, they are also easy to transport due to the option of rolling the rug in a way that is easily transportable.


  • Durable. Flat weave rugs are considered to be more durable than knotted rugs. Their durability and flat construction make them great for high-traffic areas.

Are Flat Weave Rugs Soft?

Many people believe that flatweave rugs have a soft feel. They are not soft per se, not soft like a shag rug, but the flat weave area of the rug will give you a soft feeling on your bare feet.

Are Flat Weave Rugs Durable?

Flat Weave Rugs are considered to be more durable than those that have a pile. 

Flat weave rugs are manufactured without a pile, which means that each one has been woven closely and tightly together. As a result, flat weave rugs tend to be more durable than rugs that have a pile, which are usually made with more loosely woven strands that are less likely to bunch up. Because they are so tightly woven, flat weave rugs tend to be smooth, flat, and easy to clean.

Are Flat Weave Rugs Easy to Clean?

Flat weave rugs can be just as easy to clean as any other type of rug. Simply use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt and dust. You can also use a sweeping broom to remove any larger pieces of dirt.

You can also spot clean the area rug that has a stain on it with mild soap and water. You may want to test on an area of the rug that is not visible to make sure the cleaning solution doesn’t damage the fibers.

If you do not want to clean the area rug yourself you can always take it to a professional cleaning service.

Where to Buy Flat Weave Rugs?

There are a number of places to buy flat weave rugs. Many stores carry rugs in the rug section, while others may carry rugs as part of a home decorating section. Online retailers also carry a variety of flat weave rugs.

We have compiled a list of some of our favorite flat weave rug manufacturers in the marketplace today.

Lulu and Georgia
Beauty is in the details. Lulu and Georgia offer handmade, natural flat woven rugs available in a variety of gorgeous patterns, with borders, fringes, and fringeless. 
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The Citizenry works with skilled artisans to create limited edition collections. Each design is carefully crafted by the most talented makers, all made from start-to-finish with fair trade standards.
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Rug Source is the best place to find a wide variety of rugs from different manufacturers at prices that fit your budget. We are independent and can therefore source and select from everything in the market. They have a very large selection of Kilim and rugs oriental flat weave rugs. 
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Annie Selke rugs are a great way to add some pizzazz to your bedroom, living room, patio or deck. With a wide variety of styles, colors, sizes and types to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect rug for any space in your home.
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Ballard Designs offers beautiful flat-woven rugs at very affordable prices. 

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