The Best Rug Pads For Jute Rugs – 3 of Our Absolute Favorite

Natural Area Rugs Blog Staff

Natural Area Rugs Blog Staff

Jute rugs are wonderful additions to any home, and they offer a natural look that complements any style. They’re also extremely functional since they tend to repel dirt, dust, and pet hair. Since jute tends to stretch easily, its tendency to naturally be slippery can make them dangerous to walk on. To remedy this, you’ll need to use a rug pad to keep the rug from sliding. Fortunately, the market is full of great rug pads that will protect your rug and keep it looking great. Here are 3 of the best rug pads for jute rugs on the market today. 

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Brand Product Features Price
Superior Lock 1/4"

• Most Cushion
• Soundproof


• Moderate Cushioning
• Thermo-Bonded


• Low Profile (Least Cushioning)
• Thermo-Bonded

Does My Jute Rug Need a Rug Pad?

Yes, a rug pad is a necessary accessory for just about any area rug. A rug pad helps to protect your flooring from wear and tear and also helps to keep the rug in place. But they offer more benefits than just that. 

Rug pads protect your jute rug

Jute rugs can be damaged in numerous ways, but one often seen is by static electricity that builds up from the foot traffic on them. A natrual felt rug pad can be used to protect these rugs from this static electricity. Felt rug pads have a special layer of wool felt that attracts static electricity. This layer dissipates the static electricity and prevents it from building up on your rug. This keeps your rug looking new for years to come.

Rug pads keep your jute rug in place 

Jute rugs are beautiful, but they can be a little slippery on hardwood and tile floors. A rug pad will prevent your rug from moving and sliding around on your hardwood floors.

Adds cushion for your feet. 

Rug pads can be used to add cushion to your feet when you’re standing or sitting on a rug. 

They are typically made of foam or rubber, but some are made with natural felt instead. The pads come in different sizes and thicknesses and can be bought in different colors. They are also available in different styles, such as circular and rectangular. 

Rug pads make your jute rug easy to clean

Jute rugs tend to shed their fibers during everyday wear and tear. However, you can place an area rug pad under your jute rug to catch all the fibers that are ready to be lifted up and shaken off outside. This will make it much easier to manage.

This is especially helpful if you have kids or pets. The pad stays in place and is easy to clean. You can easily vacuum off loose dirt or sweep it away and remove the pad for full-scale carpet cleaning.

Here Are 3 Rug Pads You Need to Consider For Your Jute Rug

Rug Pad USA - Superior Lock 1/4"

Superior-Lock’s unique checkered natural rubber backing provides both plush cushioning and firm anchoring for your rug, preserving its beauty and extending its life.

The superior needle-punched felt surface of this rug pad will grip and hold your area rug in place, promoting evenness and preventing bunching, creeping, and curling at corners. A rich, dense felt core helps to soften the feel of the rug while preventing floor damage. The grooved natural rubber backing of the rug pad will grip the floor and prevent the rug from moving.

4.9/5 (out of 940 reviews)


RugPro is a thin, high-performance non slip rug pad with strong gripping power, designed to prevent rugs from slipping in high-traffic areas. It combines a thin layer of felt with a solid natural rubber backing, and a coarse upper layer of felt to grab and hold the bottom of your rug.

RugPro’s natural rubber backing contains more real rubber and less clay fillers than traditional waffle-styled rug pads, preventing premature flaking and degradation. This makes it ideal for use in high traffic areas of your home where you want to keep your rug firmly anchored to the floor.

RugPro’s solid design helps keep dirt and dust from reaching your floors, while needle-punching allows rugs and floors to breathe.

4.9/5 (out of 599 reviews)

Contour Lock

Contour-Lock is the perfect rug pad for those who want a strong grip, unbeatable floor protection, and moderate cushioning. It doesn’t add any unwanted bulk or height to your rug, making it the perfect choice for any home.

This rug pad prevents your rug from bunching and wrinkling with its coarse felt upper layer and keeps it anchored firmly to your floor with its non-slip natural rubber backing.

4.9/5 (out of 753 reviews)

Are Rug Pads Worth It?

There is no easy answer to this question as it depends on personal preferences and the specific needs of the rug. Some people may find rug pads to be helpful in protecting their rug from scratches and dents, while others may not find them necessary.

However, jute rugs may not have the luxurious feel of wool or synthetic-weight rugs due to woven construction. A cushioned rug pad is perfect for making jute rugs feel more soft and comfortable underfoot. It’s a must have for a bedroom or living room.

Do Jute Rugs Scratch Hardwood Floors?

It is possible that a jute rug can scratch your hardwood floor. And we don’t recommend chancing it. If you are hesitant about purchasing a rug pad, just remember the cost of a rug pad is much less than what it would take to repair or replace your flooring if a jute rug does end up scratching the floor. 

The rug pads mentioned in this post are 3 of the best rug pads on the market. They are made with high quality, natural material and they offer multiple thicknesses giving you a good selection to choose from. They are also safe for any type of flooring you have, such as laminate floor, wood floor, or any other type of hard surface.

The thick cushioning and padding layer protects the integrity of your rug and naturally repels moisture to ensure it stays clean. These rug pads also help your jute rug stay in place by using durable, natural rubber backing, so it won’t move on you.

There you have it. 3 of the very best rug pads for jute rugs on the market today. Go ahead and explore those products. Let us know if you have any questions, and let us know what you think if you do purchase. We think you’ll be very satified. 

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