Size Guide For Dining Room Rugs: How to Buy a Dining Room Rug That Fits

Natural Area Rugs Blog Staff

Natural Area Rugs Blog Staff

Whether you’re looking to set the perfect mood in your home or just trying to choose the perfect rug for your room, choosing the right dining room rug size can be tricky. This dining room rug size guide will help you get it right with tips on what to look out for when buying an area rug and how to choose the perfect size for your space.

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How to Pick the Right Rug Size for Your Dining Room?

There are two basic considerations when you’re figuring out the right size area rug for your dining room: the shape of your table and the size of your room.

Dining Room Table Size (by number of chairs)

Rug Size in Feet

2 Chairs

4'x6' Rug

4 Chairs

5'x8' Rug

6 Chairs

6'x9' or 8'x10' Rug

8 Chairs

8'x10' or 9'x12' Rug

10 Chairs

10'x14' Rug

How Large is Your Dining Room Table?

The first thing you should consider is how large your table is.

Large Dining Room Table

  • 10 chair table
  • 8 chair table

Typically, a “large” dining room table will include 8-10 chairs. 

For a 10-chair table, a 10’x14′ rug performs well for this larger size dining room table

If you are planning on having 8 chairs at the rectangular table, then a rug that is approximately 8’x10′ or 9’x12′ will be the best choice.

Medium Size Dining Room Table

  • 6 Chair Table
  • 4 Chair Table

Medium-sized tables often consist of 4 to 6 chairs. 

For a 6-chair dining room table, a 6’x9′ or 8’x10′ sized rug will suffice. 

Small Size Dining Room Table

  • 2 Chair Table
  • 4 Chair Table

Small dining room tables typically consist of 2 to 4 chairs. For these sized tables, a small rug can work great. 

For 4 chair tables, consider a 5’x8′ sized rug

For 2 chair tables, a smaller 4’x6′ rug will work great. 

What Shape is Your Dining Room Table?

rectangle dining room table
square table with rug
round dining room table

The shape of your dining room table will help you determine what size rug you need.

There are three standard shapes of dining room tables: square, rectangle, and round. 

If your dining room table is a square shape, you need to get a square rug. You will notice that the rectangle table is almost the same shape as a square, but longer in length.

If your table is a rectangle, you need to get a rectangular rug.

If your dining room table is a round shape, then you need to get a round rug

Round tables and standard rugs often don’t go well together. The different shapes can be a contrast, and standard rugs can make round tables look less compact and elegant.

Round Table

When it comes to round tables, 4-6 chair tables are most often used in homes. 

For a 4-chair round table, a 6′ round rug will look wonderful. 

For a 6-chair round table, opt for an 8′ round rug

Keeping with best practices, consider keeping 18-24 inches of the rug to run past the edge of the top of the table

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Determine Rug Placement 

The dining table is the centerpiece of the dining room. As such, it needs to be surrounded by compliments that can enhance its beauty and make it stand out. One of the ways to achieve this is by adding a rug to the floor.

When deciding where to put the rug in a dining room, the most important thing is to decide what it is you are trying to accomplish. Are you looking to set a tone? Are you looking to establish a flow between space? Are you looking to create a focal point?

All of these are important questions that need answering before deciding on dining room rug placement. For example, if the dining room and kitchen are very close, then it may be a good idea to place a large rug between the two areas to allow for traffic flow and to add a dash of color. If the dining room and kitchen are far apart and have separate entrances, then it is still a good idea to add a rug to act as a visual and functional divider. 

Follow The 24" Rule

This rule requires that your rug should extend at least 24” beyond the edges of your dining table so that your chairs won’t touch the floor when you move them back.

dining room table with rug dimensions

Dining Room Rug Size FAQs

How much space do you need to pull out a chair?

The perfect size for a dining room rug is four feet longer and wider than the table. This allows for 18 to 24 inches on each side of the table so you and your guests can slide dining chairs out without worrying about falling off the edge of the rug.

Does the living room rug and dining room rug have to match?

The short answer is no, but the longer one is more complicated. Interior designers seem torn on this subject. 

There’s nothing wrong with a mismatch, but unless you have a compelling reason to do so, you should choose rugs that are in the same color family. It goes without saying that you should not choose a rug that’s in the same pattern family, but a small difference in scale — a large rug and a small one, for example — looks fine.

What types of rugs work well in dining rooms?

It is important to choose a rug that is both durable and easy to clean. A wool rug in a dining room will add a touch of elegance, but it is a more difficult material to maintain.

Nylon rugs are also a good choice since they are stain-resistant.

A rug with a thick pile is more difficult to clean, so be sure to select a rug with a lower pile if you have children or pets.

Do I need a Rug Pad?

Yes, you need a rug pad, even if the rug is small and the table is light. A dining room rug is more than a piece of décor, it is also a piece of furniture. And any piece of furniture that sits on top of a hard floor can benefit from a layer of padding beneath it.

A rug pad for dining room rugs will help your rug to last longer because the rug pad will protect the rug from possible damage caused by the table, chairs, and feet of family members.

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