How Layering Rugs Over Jute Can Add Texture to Your Home Decor

Natural Area Rugs Blog Staff

Natural Area Rugs Blog Staff

If you're looking to add some texture and interest to your home decor, consider layering rugs over a jute base. This combination can add visual interest and depth to any room, and it's a great way to experiment with different textures and patterns. Here are some tips for how to layer rugs over jute to add texture to your home decor.

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Jute Rugs Make The Perfect Base Layer

Jute rugs make the perfect base layer for any room. They’re neutral in color, so they won’t clash with your other decor, and they’re durable enough to stand up to high-traffic areas.

Plus, they add a touch of texture to your space that can make it feel more inviting.

If you’re looking for a base layer rug that will help you pull your room together, a jute rug is a great option.

jute rug layered

Can You Layer Jute Rug on Top?

If you’re considering adding a jute rug to your home, you might be wondering if you can layer it on top of another rug. The answer is yes! Layering rugs is a great way to add texture and interest to your space, and jute rugs are the perfect type of rug to layer

Jute rugs are made from natural fibers, so they’re durable and easy to clean. They’re also affordable, which makes them a great option if you’re looking to layer multiple rugs in your home. When choosing a jute rug, look for one that’s a similar color to the other rug you’re planning to layer it with. This will help the two rugs blend together. 

What Rugs Complement Jute Rugs?

Moroccan Rug

moroccan rug

If you’re looking for a rug to complement your jute rug and looking for something with a bit more of a bohemian feel, a Moroccan rug is a great option. Moroccan rugs are usually made of wool or cotton, and they feature intricate patterns in bold colors. They’re the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your space.

Shag Rug

If you have a more casual and relaxed aesthetic, then a shag rug could be a great option. This type of rug can add a bit of texture and interest to your room, while still keeping things feeling cozy and comfortable.

Vintage Rug

vintage rug

Vintage rugs are a great option for complementing jute rugs. They have a similar casual look but can add a bit of sophistication and color to the room. They come in a wide range of colors and patterns, so you can find one that fits your personal style.

Off White Rug

This type of area rug can add a touch of elegance to your space without overwhelming the room.

This will help to keep the room feeling light and airy, while still providing a bit of contrast against the jute.

Plus, they’re neutral enough to go with just about any furniture or decor you have.

Cowhide Rug

One popular option is to pair a jute rug with a cowhide rug. This combination can add a touch of both rustic and modern flair to your space. Not to mention, it’s a great way to achieve a layered look.

What Types of Jute Rugs Make a Great Base Rug?

If you want to play it safe, go with solids. Braided jute rugs can also work here. 

The neutral color of Jute rugs offers a blank canvas for you to compliment the top layer with. 

Tasseled jute rugs also bring a whole different style and look great when combined with another tasseled jute rug

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How to Layer Over Jute Rugs

Bottom Layer Suggestions: 

  • If furniture is added into the mix with the rug, aim to keep the front legs of the furniture resting on the jute rug. Otherwise, interior design experts might suggest keeping all the legs on top of the rug. 

  • You can put a small area rug under the coffee table, but it shouldn’t go under any other furniture.

  • Its ok to use two rugs of the same pattern

Top Layer Suggestions: 

  • A Cowhide rug layered on top of a jute rug is a fabulous and trendy look. The nice thing about cowhide rugs is that you can find them in a variety of neutral color options.

  • The top layered rug does not always have to run parallel to the bottom layer.

  • For a bohemian look, try rug layering two, three or more area rugs.

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