Hemp Rugs

Hemp rugs are made out of natural materials, so they're eco-friendly and biodegradable. These articles cover everything you need to know about hemp rugs including what they're made out of, durability, costs, reviews, and buying guides.
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Hemp Rugs Pros and Cons

Hemp rugs are making a splash in interior design. We’ve seen them in everything from hotels to clinics, and now you can find them almost anywhere. Hemp rugs are eco-friendly, durable, and attractive—so why aren’t more people using them? Here we lay out the pros and cons of hemp rugs.

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2022 Hemp Rug Buying Guides

Our Approved buying guides showcase the highest quality natural rug brands in the world today for rugs in all spaces, so you can make informed buying decisions. With a focus on natural first labels that prioritize quality & artisanship, ensuring you find value for your money.