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dog urine wool rug

How to Clean a Wool Rug From Dog Urine

Wool Rugs are among the most expensive rugs that offer exceptional
durability, softness, and resistance against stains.

But sometimes an occasional dog pee wool rug accident is expected, no
matter how well potty-trained your dog might be. But knowing how to get dog
urine out of

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Wool vs Jute Rugs
Natural Area Rugs Blog Staff

Wool vs Jute Rugs: The Ultimate Guide

With countless materials, styles, and patterns to choose from, it’s important to consider not only the aesthetic appeal of the rug, but also its durability, functionality, and maintenance requirements. Two popular materials for rugs are wool and jute, each with its own unique characteristics and

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Wool Rug Buying Guides

Our approved buying guides showcase the highest quality natural rug brands in the world today for rugs in all spaces, so you can make informed purchasing decisions. With a focus on natural first labels that prioritize quality & craftsmanship, you can be sure of value for money.