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Our jute rug articles, reviews and guides detail the best ways to style every space in your home while showcasing hundreds jute rug designs, brands and decor tips for every room and season.
Close up of gray and brown jute rug
jute rug cleaning
Natural Area Rugs Blog Staff

Are Jute Rugs Easy to Clean?

Jute area rugs are a smart alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting, especially in high-traffic areas like bedrooms or living rooms. Not only do these rugs offer a natural, warm look that’s easy to clean, they’re more durable than carpet and less likely to get dirty. However,

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Jute Rug Buying Guides

Our approved buying guides showcase the highest quality natural rug brands in the world today for rugs in all spaces, so you can make informed purchasing decisions. With a focus on natural first labels that prioritize quality & craftsmanship, you can be sure of value for money.

felt rug pad
Natural Area Rugs Blog Staff

Do You Need a Rug Pad For a Jute Rug?

Do you own a jute rug? If yes, you likely love its rustic charm, and if you haven’t, you should consider purchasing one. You’ll love it. However, like with most any area rug, jute rugs benefit greatly when coupled with a rug pad. 

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Jute run on outdoor patio
Natural Area Rugs Blog Staff

Can Jute Rugs Be Used Outdoors?

We often get asked whether Jute rugs are ok to use outside. We hope the following information will help users decide if it is safe to use Jute rugs in their on porches, patios or any outdoor setting.

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