15 Amazing Organic Nursery Rugs

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It’s estimated that 80 percent of a child’s time is spent sleeping, so naturally, you want their room to be a relaxing, calming place where they can relax and unwind. One part that is often overlooked, however, is the rugs that border the bed or crib. You want to make sure that the area rugs are made of natural materials, free of toxins or chemicals, and eco-friendly. That’s where organic rugs for the nursery come in.

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Finding organic nursery rugs used to be nearly impossible. However, this is no longer the case as high fashion is followed by high ethics, especially in the realm of baby furnishings. In fact, many contemporary designer baby bedding collections feature organic rugs, which have soft, organic fibers.

Here, we’ve highlighted our top picks you should consider when searching for organic nursery rugs made from natural fiber material

Our Team's Favorite Organic Nursery Rug Brands

  1. Project Nursery
  2. In 2008, Project Nursery was created with the goal of helping parents with design, tools, and products for their baby nurseries and kid-friendly decorating projects. Since then, they have become a go-to source for inspiration and information for millions of design-conscious parents around the world.

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  3. Lorena Canals
  4. Lorena Canals has been a trendsetter in the kids’ home decor market for over 20 years. They strive to provide the safest and most eco-friendly textiles for children's environments. All textiles are handmade in India using only natural cotton and wool as raw materials and are treated with non-toxic dyes. They practice using sustainable, chemical-free production processes, and recycle water to further reduce our environmental impact.

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  5. Nestig
  6. Nestig designs furniture and décor with both form and function in mind. They prioritize safety and sustainability. Every detail has been carefully considered. Most of their furnishings have more than one use. All of their products are beautifully made with kindness and dedication in a family-run factory.

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  7. Maisonette
  8. An online destination for quality products of every kind for the little ones in your life; plus, inspiration and intel that'll make your shopping experience as easy as possible!

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What Makes Rugs Toxic?

The most common toxic materials found in rugs today include lead, arsenic, formaldehyde, and mercury. Because of the chemicals used to make these rugs, they can release gases and irritants into the air, which can cause symptoms in young children, the elderly, and anyone with a respiratory illness. The use of these toxic materials and the potential health issues they cause is the main reason why these rugs are not suitable for use in homes, offices, and schools.

Materials to Consider for the Nursery

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are a great choice for the nursery; they’re soft, durable and have natural antibacterial properties. Organic wool is also temperature-regulating and has a great resistance to allergens like pet dander and dust mites.

Wool rugs are the traditional choice and they are still a handsome option, no matter what style of nursery room you plan. 

Cotton Rugs

Cotton rugs are among the most practical, versatile and affordable materials to consider when designing the nursery. They are durable, easy to clean and provide a warm, welcoming touch. Other benefits of organic cotton include their natural hypoallergenic properties and ease of maintenance.

Cotton rugs for nursery rooms are particularly useful for parents who have specific needs, such as those who have a little one with allergies or are vigilant of the dangers of chemicals.

One thing to note, natural materials, such as cotton and wool, can be treated with chemicals, such as toxic dyes, flame retardants or pesticides. When searching these rugs, make sure that the natural fibers are untreated.

Our Favorite Organic Nursery Rugs

Maisonette: Botanic Plants Washable Rug

The Botanic Plants rug is a great way to bring the outdoors inside your home. It is perfect for a nursery or kid's room, and it looks great rain or shine!

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Project Nursery: Picone Washable Rug

This rug was designed to look like a pine cone, with a border of circular holes around the edge. The base is made from canvas, making it a versatile and gender-neutral option for a nursery or playroom. The fun shape and texture of this rug is sure to add interest to any space.

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Project Nursery: Earth Kaarol Washable Rug

Made with 100% natural cotton,this rug has a Moroccan-inspired design, but is made from materials that are safe for use in a nursery. It's machine-washable for easy cleaning.

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Project Nursery: Hippy Rug

This organic rug is made of soft, dreamy hues that are perfect for any room. It's machine-washable, making it a great choice for busy families or anyone who wants an easy-to-care-for rug.

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Project Nursery: Tropical Rug

This rug is large enough to fill your nursery or playroom with softness and comfort. It has a bright, colorful design that will bring a touch of the tropics to your home.

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Materials to Stay Away From for the Nursery

Rugs with Harmful Materials or Toxins

Polypropylene Rugs

Polypropylene is a very strong plastic that, unfortunately, can also be dangerous to babies. This material is often used to make area rugs, strollers and high chairs, as well as toys and other baby products. By far, polypropylene can be the most dangerous material to manufacture baby products. It is able to hold up well to constant use, but the material is known to contain harmful chemicals that can leach into your baby’s mouth and body.

Flame Retardants 

There are many kinds of flame retardants that are used in home furnishings. Some can be highly toxic to humans, especially in children, and can also be toxic to pets.  Some flame retardants are known endocrine disruptors, and can interfere with normal hormone function leading to a variety of health problems.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, at least five flame retardants are developmental or reproductive toxicants. Additionally, the FDA has found that flame retardants are linked to cancer and birth defects. The federal government has also banned certain flame retardant, but they are still being used. 

Keep this in mind when nursery rug searching. 

Synthetic Rubber Backings Rug

It is a common misconception that any rubber material is safe for use with children. Synthetic rubber is not always safe for children. The only safe synthetic rubber is natural rubber latex. Don’t be fooled by vinyl or synthetic rubber that is labeled as being “safe for children’s products.”

Colors Made with Toxic Dyes

In the past, most dyes were created from natural sources, such as plants and minerals. These days, many dyes are made from petroleum-based chemicals, which contain toxins that can be harmful for your growing baby. Even if you don’t have any sensitivities to harmful, toxic dye, it’s best to be safe, and opt for eco-friendly dyes instead.

Glues and Adhesives

Many glues and adhesives can be damaging to a child’s respiratory system and may contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are a group of chemicals that can be harmful to your health and the environment. They can cause allergies and asthma and are also a risk to developing babies.

Make sure any materials you use in your nursery are not harmful to your baby. Some glues and adhesives are toxic and should be avoided. Others are dangerous because they are made with heavy metals and other chemicals.

Stain Resistant Materials

Some parents like to use stain-resistant materials for their child’s nursery. They may feel that this will prevent stains from occurring or that these materials are safe for children. However, most stain-resistant materials contain chlorine. Long-term exposure to this chemical can irritate the respiratory tract, which may cause asthma or allergies.  Stain-resistant fabrics are treated with a chemical called tributyl-tin (TBT). This chemical is classified as a possible human carcinogen by the EPA.

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