10 Soft Rugs That Should be in Every Bedroom

Natural Area Rugs Blog Staff

Natural Area Rugs Blog Staff

The bedroom should be an oasis of calm and relaxation where you can escape the stress of daily life. The bedroom should be tranquil and serene, a place where you can easily unwind after a long day. Here, you'll find information on the softest rugs types and how to choose the right one, along with 10 of our favorite softest bedroom rugs you can find right now. 

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Choosing a Soft Bedroom Rug

Whether you’re searching for an upscale contemporary soft rug for your bedroom or a classic area rug to complete your home decor style, we have some in-depth knowledge of what to look for. 

You’ll love the soft area rugs we have featured due to their affordability, durability, and overall quality.

Pile Height

High Pile Height vs Low Pile Height

The softness of a bedroom area rug can be determined largely due to its pile height.

The thickness of a rug is defined as the length of its fibers. A thicker rug is made of longer fibers. A higher pile typically means that a rug has a fluffier and softer texture.

Any pile over a half-inch thick will make a plush rug. Long pile rugs are made to be more comfortable by adding in extra pile, which adds cushioning.

On the other hand, a lower pile height means that a rug can tend to be flater or mor hard. A lower pile height rug is often more durable. Low pile area rugs are not as soft or comfortable underfoot compared to high pile area rugs.  

If soft is what you’re looking for, lean towards a high pile area rug. 

Synthetic Rugs vs Natural Fiber Rugs For Softness

Both synthetic and natural fiber rugs are made from materials such as wool, cotton, and silk. However, the softness of these rugs varies.

Natural fiber rugs are generally softer than synthetic rugs. This is because natural fibers are made up of a larger number of smaller fibers, which are softer than the single, large fibers in a synthetic rug.

Synthetic fiber rugs are made of synthetic materials that are often treated with a special heat-resistant coating. This typically makes synthetic fiber rugs harder than natural fiber rugs. 

Machine Made or Handmade For Soft Rugs

Manufacturers often have the option of hiring people to craft rugs or use machines to produce them.

Both handmade and machine-made rugs can be super-soft and comfortable underfoot. However, subtle differences in the construction of the rug, either handmade or machine-made, can create a softer or less soft rug.

From our own personal experiences and reviews, and based on customer reviews, handmade rugs tend to be more comfortable or soft compared to machine-made rugs. While machine-made rugs can be made with natural dyes, patterns, and textures, hand-knotted rugs take hundreds of hours to complete. This is because they involve a lot of repetitive motions and many steps, which is why people consider them to be more comfortable than machine-made rugs.

Hand-woven rugs are made on looms. These rugs can take months to make, as weavers must make each knot by hand. The handiwork of hand-weaving creates a rug with individual stitches and knots. A rug made this way is usually softer than a machine-made rug.

The Softest Rug Types For Your Bedroom (and our 10 favorites for you to consider)

Cotton Rugs

Cotton is well known for being extremely soft and cozy.

Its a great choice for area rugs and doesn’t allow for as much shag and shedding as wool. Cotton rugs come in a variety of different designs and sizes.

Some love them as bedroom rugs, making the room cozy and warm.

– Rugs.com: Sabrina Soto Casa Rug

This rug is inspired by its Latin roots. It’s made with pops of color reminiscent of sun-drenched tropical coasts and has a playful, geometric pattern.

The textured flat weave and shaggy-pile sections create an extremely comfortable and soft underfoot. Pile height is 1/2″ and is made from 100% cotton.

– Rugs.com: Hand-Woven Chindi Cotton Rug

From Rugs.com comes this Hand Woven Chindi Cotton Rug.

Made from 100% cotton with a pile Height of 1/6″.

Wool Rugs

100% wool rugs are extremely soft. They’re ideal for anyone trying to match great decor style with a soft underfoot feeling. And they only get softer over time. 

Wool rugs age incredibly well and can last 50+ years if taken care of properly. 

– Rugs USA: Veronica Wool Braided Area Rug

This wool rug is handmade in India out of New Zealand wool.

With 6 knots of natural wool yarn per square inch, this plush shag rug is super soft and has a noticeable rich feel underfoot.

– The Citizenry: Asha Area Rug

Featuring intricate Indian-inspired motifs in a soft grey palette, this rug is the perfect foundation for your space.

Made from the highest quality sheep’s wool, this beauty is designed to last.

– Lulu and Georgia: Gareth Rug

Hand-knotted floor rugs are statement makers. If you put them in the right spot, they’ll make a strong statement. This one does not disappoint.

Its abstract linear design is highlighted by its cut-pile construction.

The design and construction of this rug are fantastic, making it a great addition to any bedroom decor.

Shag Rugs

Shag rugs come in various materials. Some are made of wool (as mentioned above), but others are made from other materials like polyester and polypropylene. At Natural Area Rugs Blog, we have a soft spot (pun intended) and love for natural fiber rugs, so we will be highlighting natural fiber soft rugs below. 


– The Citizenry: Inaya Beni Ourain Rug

Hand-loomed with an artistry that’s been passed down from generation to generation, this classic Beni Ourain accent rug features ancient motifs and diamond patterns in a neutral palette of cream and steel grey.

With such an incredible detail, this rug will create a beautiful focal point of any room. It’s exclusive to The Citizenry, so make sure to get it as soon as possible!

From start-to-finish it takes a few months to complete, all painstakingly hand loomed by a fair trade cooperative dedicated to preserving this lost art.

– Lulu and Georgia: Tegan Moroccan Shag Rug

This Moroccan rug features an abstract striped pattern that is perfectly complemented by the plush shag pile, making this rug a warm, plush and stylish accent in to your bedroom decor. 

Place this Moroccan style rug in your living room or under your bed.

– Rugs.com: Athena Shag Rug

Athena shag rug is great for any room, but especially useful in kids’ rooms and bedrooms. The textured shag adds warmth and comfort to any room. 

Hand braided fringes give this rug a fabulous look.

Other Types: Sheepskin & Cowhide

When looking for soft, luxurious floor covering, real sheepskin or animal skins rugs are worth considering.

Cowskin and sheepsking rugs are soft, luxurious, and offer a unique style to your home.

– The Citizenry: Sheepskin Accent Rug

This naturally sourced sheepskin comes from the Northwest coast of Ireland. The land is known for its incredible soft and dense sheep’s wool.

Thanks to a complex two-month tanning process, this sheepskin rug has a soft, luxurious feel – a luxury landing pad for your feet.

– Rugs USA: Brown Cowhide Rug

The Grand Canyon rug is a beautiful and unique piece that will add a touch of cabin and country living to any home. It is made from woven synthetics and is designed in a contemporary style.
The captivating colors and design of this rug are sure to make it a focal point in any room.

Use a Rug Pad to Increase Comfort

In addition to keeping your floor safe, rug pads can also help increase the comfort of your rug.

They are available in many different sizes, colors, and materials and can be used to cover any area of your floor, including hardwood, carpet, or tile. When shopping for rug pads, there are a few important things you need to consider. 

The first thing to look for is the material make-up of the rug pad. Rugpadusa.com has a great article outlining the dangers of buying cheap or low-value rug pads and how they could damage your floors. 

Caring For Your Soft Bedroom Rug

The softness and plushness of your rug will be a major factor in how comfortable you feel when relaxing on it. But there are also a few things you can do to extend the life of your rug and ensure it stays soft and cozy for years to come.

1. Protect it from dirt to keep your rug looking fresh and clean. You can easily remove dust and dirt from your rug using a vacuum cleaner. However, if you’re cleaning up after a pet, or if you’re vacuuming regularly, make sure you are using a soft brush attachment to get every last bit of dirt out. You can also use a damp cloth or a rag and water to wipe down your rug.

2. Store it the right way. Most rugs should be stored in a place that is dry, not wet. If they are stored in a wet area, they will be more prone to mildew, mold, and other problems. For this reason, store your rug in a room with a temperature between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Protect it from sunlight. While you may want to let your rug hang out in the sunshine, you don’t want it to get too much sunlight. This will cause fading, which will result in your rug looking less vibrant and beautiful. Instead, find a spot in your home where the sun doesn’t shine directly on it, or protect it with a sheet or blanket.

4. Maintain it. Once you’ve put in some time to care for your rug, it’s time to maintain it. Maintaining your rug is an important part of making sure it stays beautiful. To keep your rug looking its best, make sure you clean it regularly. Consider having the rug professionally cleaned annually.

5. Spot clean spills immediately so stains cant soak in. If you spill something on your rug, it should be cleaned right away. If you let a stain sit for too long, the rug may begin to discolor. Spot cleaning your rug is the easiest way to remove stains. For large stains, use a damp cloth or sponge and a mild detergent. For smaller spots, try using a soft brush or damp towel.

In conclusion, every bedroom needs a rug. They’re great for decoration, comfort, and decoration too. Soft, plush, woven, patterned, thick or thin, finding a bedroom rug you love is part of the fun. Spend a little time shopping around, then consider these recommendations for the best bedroom rug. You’ll love getting cozy on those chilly nights.

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